Monday, December 04, 2006

Is it or is it not 2006?

Oh, sweet boss of mine. How racist and ignorant you are. I am counting the days until I am handed my year-end supervisor review.

Exhibit 1: 10 minutes ago. Boss is complaining about a part-time employee who has been such a hard worker but, as of recently, has been a bit of a bitch. This part-time employee happens to be black. "She's showing her heritage. I hate to say that, but..."

Exhibit 2: Approximately two months ago. Boss shows a coworker a proposal given to us by a photographer. Coworker says "it's a little busy." Boss agrees. "You know black people, they like gaudy things."

Is it just me, or can you not say that?

Exhibit 3: Approximately three months ago. Boss is telling me about how her father, a florist, has a lot of Mexican employees ("Because," she said, "they're just such hard workers.". She's laughing a she tells me how he yelled at them, "STOP SPEAKING MEXICAN!"

I didn't laugh, but I did point out that Mexican isn't a language.

Seriously. Can you be more offensive? I mean, I'm as white as white can be, but just because I have blue eyes and blonde hair doesn't mean that I don't have a soul.

It just means that I'm Norwegian.


Laurie said...

OMG Her comments made my jaw drop. She definitely deserves to be written up about her comments.

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