Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I need your help, part I

My supervisor review is due a week from today.

As an exercise in stress relief and general bitterness, I decided to fill out the majority of mine today.

I can't decide if I'm coming across as honest or harsh. What do you think?

The review is on a numerical scale, with four being the highest (agree), three is second-best (somewhat agree) and so on. Following, there's a two line comment section. Hardly room for me to write my name, let alone an explanation. I imagine this was intentional.

Anyway. Here we go.

1. Treats employees with fairness and respect.
Ranking: 3.5
Comment: I often take issue with how she speaks down to part-time employees.
Reality: She's a bitch to everyone.

2. Inspires future success.
Ranking: 3.5
Comment: Enthusiasm towards new projects, programs and challenges is contagious.
Reality: She gets excited about stupid shit that rarely pans out.

3. Holds employees accountable for the work that they do.
Ranking: 3
Comment: Amount of accountability varies greatly among different employees, but is improving.
Reality: Her Boy doesn't do shit and she couldn't care less.

4. Supports my professional development.
Ranking: 3.5
Comment: Certainly wants me to get better and be smarter.
Reality: Wants me to get better and smarter...but not better or smarter than she is.

5. Communicates effectively.
Ranking: 2.5
Comment: Hit or miss. Either very adequately informs about a situation or we're left in the dark. There is rarely a middle ground.

6. Encourages creative and innovative solutions.
Ranking: 2.5
Comment: Usually listens to suggestions but typically chooses hers over other possible solutions. Loves to shoot holes in the suggestions of others, aggressively, which generates hesitation prior to posing possible solutions.
Reality: Never lets you finish a sentence. Frequently uses absurd phrases while interrupting such as my personal favorite: "I'm just talking out loud..."

7. Fosters loyalty in employees.
Ranking: 2.5
Comment: She isn't in the building when the majority of the employees are; I believe there is a degree of distrust of her as a result of that.
Reality: Approximately two people are genuinely loyal to her. Everyone else is loyal to the company and would throw a party if she were transferred to Idaho.

8. Is a good listener.
Ranking: 3.25
Comment: Prone to point out all she disagrees with immediately, which leads to frequent interruptions. She dominates conversations. This is improving.
Reality: Not improving at all. Please don't fire me.

9. Considers input before acting.
Ranking: 3
Comment: Makes snap judgments sometimes, asks for input other times. It depends on the issue and who it would require the input of.
Reality: Flies by the seat of her pants. Does whatever pops into her pea brain first. Never thinks things through.

10. Demonstrates that employees are important to the success of the company.
Ranking: 2.75
Comment: Understands the value of a great employee, but isn't present enough to assist in the molding of a mediocre part-time employee into a great one.
Reality: Don't like her? Don't get along with her? There's people begging for a job in sports! Next!

11. Can be trusted to make sensible decisions.
Ranking: 3
Comment: Her snap decisions can sometimes get the best of her. Emotion fuels many of her decisions, which can lead her astray. Generally sound, however.
Reality: A beanbag has more common sense.

12. Is committed to organizational goals.
Ranking: 4
Comment: A strong proponent of company goals, beliefs and practices on a consistent basis to customers, employees, vendors, etc.
Reality: If the company were a person, her lips would be plastered to its ass.

13. Fosters an environment that encourages superior job performance.
Ranking: 2.5
Comment: None yet. I'm stumped.
Reality: She doesn't. When you hate your boss, you're not in an environment that nourishes your best work.

14. Practices what he/she preaches.
Comment: True, with occasional exceptions.
Reality: Doesn't follow dress code. Doesn't stick to her posted work schedule. Babbles on and on about how the job requires nights and weekends and doesn't show up to either.

15. Deals with problems immediately. Doesn't let things fester.
Comment: Small problems are addressed promptly, large issues are oftentimes ignored completely, which breeds significant contempt and/or ignorance.
Reality: See above comment about ignoring the fact that she fired Kevin. See also: telling Kevin she thought we were sleeping together, blaming it on me, and never bringing the perceived problem up to me.

We'll stop there. I'll post the second half of the review, and my little "futher information can go in this tiny square" essay, later. Or maybe I'll do you all a favor and I won't.

Thanks for helping, kiddies. I will have to repay your kindness by posting a picture of my ass or mailing you cash or something.


Anonymous said...

You seem to be speaking honestly. While your reality statements are harsh, I don't think your ratings are.

Amy said...

You were asked for input. You're giving input. To falsify or to tame it down (I know you have to to some degree) would be ineffective. Your answers and comments seem very thought out and give examples (not just personal opinions). I think this is good!

Mrs. Architect said...

LOVE your review time!!!

Oh, and I was thinking about you last night and today. My dad is spending a few hours at DTW today. :-)

(At least I THINK that is your airport!)

A said...

I love you guys. Thanks for the feedback.

And, yes, DTE is totally my airport.

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