Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I kind of want to go to law school

Although, I doubt my ability to perform exceptionally on the LSATs (my scores have never been horrific on any test, but I wouldn't consider myself a wiz at standardized testing) as well as if my college grades are law school worthy, law school has been bouncing around in my head.

I kind of miss going to school.

And I most definitely need a career that involves certain things. Like the use of my brain.

Plus. I'm a bitch! I'll make a great lawyer! Don't you need to be a bitch to be a lawyer? Maybe that's just on TV.

Honestly, though? This needs to change. I can't work here forever. I can't keep living this life. I need some goals. I need some direction. I need some asses to kiss. I need a boss I'm not vastly smarter than. I need a corporate ladder to climb, damnit.

So law it is. ...maybe.

I don't know what else I'd go to grad school for, to be honest.

Maybe that's not a good reason to go.


Anonymous said...

You a bitch? I don't see it. But law school - I say DO IT! ;)

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