Thursday, December 07, 2006

I don't want to write about work, it just happens

Today, something glorious happened.

I got the year-end supervisor review I get to do of my boss. The single reason that I am glad that I'm still stuck in that job.

I've been keeping a list of complaints for months.

No, not this blog. Although, I suppose I could simply write down the URL for So Midwestern and get it over faster. While simultaneously exposing all of my intimacies to my employer. Tempting!

Also tempting: urge to rip boss to absolute shreds.

How honest can you be, though, without putting your own job in jeopardy?

[Since I can obviously not get another job, losing this one would be rather unfortunate.]

I've been looking forward to this review since last January 25, when my boss - in all of her ignorant glory - took over her position. And now I'm afraid to fill it out.

Here's why. She's about to have surgery, right? (I'll tell you all that story later.) She's going to be out of the office for a long, glorious month in which I will be absolutely swamped with work but won't have to look at her waddling past my desk on a daily basis.

Surgery. She's having it. Herniated disc in her neck. Nothing even slightly work related.

But the company, in its infinite wisdom, this company in which finances are so tight that we've been on a "salary freeze" for over a year, is hiring her a maid. AND A FRIGGING COOK. To hover over her sickbed.

Yes. This company has a crush on her like I had a crush on Joey from New Kids on the Block.

And so I'm afraid that I'm going to write some not-so-complimentary things about her (mixed with some complimentary things so that I don't come across as bitter as I truly am) and the high and mighty are going to lose their shit because they have a dumb, jealous, slutty employee who doesn't love her and then - ta da! - I'm gone.

Maybe I'll just post the supervisor review here for all of you to read. You'd tell me if it was out of line, right?

Okay, but what if I asked really, really nicely?


M said...

In college I was once brutally honest on the anonymous teacher eval. My teacher was someone I still saw often after the class and he confronted me about it. It shocked the crap out of me. Go for it, but be prepared, girly.

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