Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Christmas miracle

On my mom's side of the family, everyone has the same stocking. Mom's grandmother knitted matching stockings for her family way back when and, somehow, managed to keep the tradition all the way through when my youngest cousin, Emma, was born in 1990.

My great grandma died when I was in college. It was later assumed that our tradition that consisted of 16 matching stockings would eventually die. We would celebrate marriages and births but have no matching stocking for the new family members.

Apparently, my cousin Mara - who is gearing up for her wedding next September - has been fretting about this. Her husband would not have a stocking.

Oh, but he would.

I know how to knit. Meg knows how to knit. Emma and Anna know how to knit, too.

And by some miracle of the Christmas season, the pattern to our stockings was located on the internet. A Christmas stocking pattern 61 years old. What's the likelihood?

We're all tickled pink.

Meg sent me out in the Christmas Eve shopping mess to pick her up yarn.

I gladly obliged. I will NOT be the one who interferes with the Christmas miracle.


Amy said...

YIPPEE!! That is wonderful!!

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