Wednesday, November 15, 2006

There would not be an idle hour in my day

Lately, all I feel like doing is baking and knitting.

And figure skating.
And playing soccer.
And hockey.

I'm pretty sure that if I suddenly became incredibly wealthy and had no need or reason to work, I could easily fill my days.

Not only could I fill my days, I could fill my days with activities that could be viewed as somewhat productive. I could keep myself busy. I might only have time for a manicure and a pedicure ever other week, in fact.

I really look into becoming incredibly wealthy.

Or marrying someone who is.


Anonymous said...

Hey. I was just blog surfing and came upon yours and found out that we have someting in common! We both figure skate!!! I think its so cool that I found another figure skater on here!! Do you still compete? What level are you? Come visit my blog anytime and feel free to leave comments!!

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