Wednesday, November 22, 2006


It's incredibly sad, how it works. How you hear stories of tragedies in the news and they just sort of roll off of you. You acknowledge their weight for a nanosecond before tossing the significance aside. Horrible things happen every day. There isn't time to dwell on them all.

And then something happens to someone you know.

Or, in this case, someone who used to work for your dad.

And the world seems at once terrible and terribly clear.

He was just a year older than me. He was decapitated in the accident. Decapitated. Jesus.

It didn't roll off of me.

It seeped into my head. It keeps echoing in my ears.


Plantation said...

Sad :-(

Lady said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. A similar thing happened to me on my birthday in 2002, and I've dreaded my birthday ever since. Bad things seem to happen on it. Hope you're feeling happier now, the shock will go.

Please read my last post on my page. I'm letting go of things :) xox

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