Sunday, November 05, 2006


I had a hockey game this afternoon. It was right near Mom and Dad's house, at the rink my sister played at as a kid. Of course, Mom and Dad came to watch their baby girl. Who, at the tender age of 24, still has her parents in the stands.

Colin came to my game, too.

I didn't even know he was there. He snuck in late in the game, not bothering to climb into the stands. Colin didn't know that my parents were at the game (I'd like to think that he wouldn't be opposed to socializing with my parents); when the game was over, he went straight to his car.

Mom and Dad, however, waited for me in the lobby. They walked me out to my car, told me how fabulous I played, helped me stuff all of my goalie equipment into Stella.

At this point, I still didn't know Colin was at my game.

While pulling out of the parking lot, I called him.

He congratulated me on my 2-1 victory. I cursed him out for now waiting for me in the lobby and for leaving without even seeing me.

"I'm actually still in the parking lot," he admitted. "Your parents were parked right next to me."

Mom and Dad go to Mom's new car, which Colin parked unknowingly next to. And there he is, randomly sitting in his car.

I cannot imagine what they thought.

So, after making fun of Colin for at least 10 minutes, I called my mom to hear her side of the run-in with Colin. I expected some friendly teasing from the 'rents.

It went more like this.

Me: "So I hear that Colin was parked next to you, just sitting there like some creepy molester."

Mom: "Whether or not Colin molests you is between the two of you. There are some things you just don't tell your mother!"

I could've died.


Mrs. Architect said...

Yay!! LOVE IT!!

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