Monday, November 13, 2006

Silver lining?

Lucy, my dear Lucy, called me today with a very delightful pick-me-up.

First: she told me that Other Bridesmaid didn’t even make it past her first interview with that big, flashy company that didn’t hire me last month.

Please, girl! If you’re going to get rejected, you at least have to make it to the very, very end of the hiring stages so that you’re so convinced that you’re about to be hired that, when you don’t get the job, your world comes crashing down on you!

So there.

She clearly ranked much higher on the rejection scale.

And there’s something strangely soothing about that.

But it gets better.

When Other Bridesmaid told a friend whose boyfriend works for the big, flashy company about the division that she was rejected from, he laughed and told her that she was better off without the job.

Apparently, the position is painfully repetitive and the people who are hired for it are always devoid of personality so as to be the type to thrive in the monotony. When they were still based on the Googleplex, everyone else would laugh at the high concentration of losers that this particular department attracted.

This probably isn’t true, but I’m going to believe it anyway. During the interview process, I did feel like I clicked more with the higher-ups who didn’t work directly with the product than those who worked in that department.

Maybe I dodged a bullet! Maybe now I can get my head out of my ass!

I got a call to schedule a phone interview today, too.

Dear Pieces,

Please, please, please fall together. Convince me that there is a higher power and a grander scheme.

Love, Me


Amy said...

it's not the pieces that'll convince you there is a higher power, it's the overall view when you can look back and see that you were EXACTLY where you needed to be at EXACTLY the time you needed to be there.

I'm glad you're not working in some boring, monotonous job. You're too smart for that.

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