Wednesday, November 01, 2006


My boss was out of the office today.

Translation: I spent my entire day, minus when I left the building to pick up Thai for lunch, looking for a new job.

Incredibly depressing.

There's nothing. I swear, there's nothing.

Which leads us to our fun fact of the day: my parents paid $80,000+ to send me to the University of Michigan and I am going to end up being someone’s secretary.

Or moving out of the state.

Neither option sounds particularly appealing.

In the midst of both the Chicago and New York interview process I thought I could do it. The thought of moving was terrifying, yes, but as scary as it was it was equally exhilarating.

I didn't land either of those jobs. It was disappointing. And a relief. I'd dodged the relocation bullet. They made the choice for me.

And now, here I am, so incredibly stuck in a job that I absolutely cannot stand in the state I want to be in. I'm done being vague about my feelings on the matter: I don't want to move. I want to stay in Michigan.

On Monday, my dad told me to look for jobs outside of Michigan. I cried after I hung up.

I'm not even sure if staying is an option.

The economy is that bad. The worst in the country, from what I understand. The outlook is pretty dismal. Still, I don't want to go. I'm not ready to bail.

What an ugly corner to be painted into.

What a stupid tail to chase.

Lucy and I grumbled about our (lack of) options today. She feels trapped. And, between the two of us, we know at least 10 others in the same situation. Graduated and ready, holding a degree but unable to find work or idiling in jobs with no future.

We thought that we could all move to the same place. Pick a city with a bit of potential. Find jobs. Create our own family. Little Detroit.

It'd be better than nothing.

I hope it doesn't come down to that.


Amy said...

I am trying desperately to get INTO the state of Michigan while you are trying desperately to get OUT (or, to just find a cool-er job). Maybe we should just swap jobs!!

A said...

Hmmmm. Perhaps that could be arranged.

Well, actually, no. I couldn't let you have this job. You're too nice and far too smart (don't think I haven't noticed that you can write in complete sentences!!!). But I'd be happy to take yours!

A said...
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