Monday, November 27, 2006

Hey, hey Hockeytown

I'm going to the Red Wings game tonight. I'm not really all that excited, because I have enough hockey in my life and I haven't felt well all day and I really should be going to kickboxing class and I'd also like to get to bed super early.

But. Like I said. Red Wings game. They're playing the Dallas Stars and it will be fun. I'm taking my friend Aviva, who doesn't leave to go back to NYC until tomorrow morning.

Aviva isn't really a hockey fan, but she'd like to be. She jumped on the bandwagon back in '97, when the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup, but never got the memo that, to be a real fan, you have to, like, watch the games. Or know one or two of the players. Or have a vague idea of what the blue line is.

It'll be fun anyway.

I wanted to take Colin, but he's working tonight. I knew that he was working tonight, but I called him anyway. When he didn't answer, I immediately rang up Aviva. She was so excited that she nearly screamed.

(She's only been to one Wings game before. I took her. Probably four years ago. The seats weren't even that good. Tonight's are amazing. She might shit herself.)

And then my sweet Colin called back and was like "you should've waited for me to call back. I could've gotten out of work!"

I felt bad.

I considered calling Aviva and telling her that my dad had already given the tickets away.

But that would be absolutely horrible karma.

Aviva will enjoy the game more, anyway.


Amy said...

I think you will have a great time with someone completely enthralled with the game. I haven't gotten on the hockey bandwagon yet (despite dating a Canuck for a short period of time). Have a great time!

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