Saturday, November 11, 2006

Gettin' out

Last night I went out with Colin and a few of his buddies. I almost didn’t go. Dinner was on the agenda and, as I’d had my lunch at 3:00 pm, a meal wasn’t appetizing. And I had lovely Saturday workday hanging over my head, which sort of made me want to pout and crawl into bed super-extra early.

But I didn’t! I put on makeup and a smile and a hot pair of jeans and I socialized. Just like a big girl.

We went to dinner. We consisted of Colin, Colin’s best friend (Josh), Colin’s best friend’s girlfriend (Katie) and another pal of Josh and Colin’s, Chris. Oh, and Josh’s dad. Totally random, yes, but he totally bought us all dinner and drinks. Score.

Somehow we ended up playing Whirly Ball. For real. Totally random, but rather fun. We played boys against girls, with the referee subbing in on the girls’ team. We tied. And laughed our asses off. It was glorious.

After, everyone returned to Katie and Josh’s house. And I had Colin drop me off at my car. The real world called. I would be a grownup and get to bed before 1:00 am.

I went to sleep happy.

Sometimes all you need is a group of friends – even if it isn’t your group of friends, even if you’re a loner by nature. There’s something to be said about power in numbers. Number of smiles, I mean.


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