Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The first Tuesday after the first Monday

Ever since I reached voting age (has it really been six years?!), voting day has made me nervous. Legitimately nervous. The stomach knotting nerves that plague me before a soccer game? It’s exactly the same.

My nerves always subside within a minute or two of starting a soccer game. Voting will do nothing to cure my anxiety.

This year? It’s huge. Everything on the ballot seems so enormous that I can’t even seem to grasp the importance of each vote I’m casting. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic. But I have been infected with a really, really strong sense of right and wrong. And it breaks my heart when what I view as wrong is what the voting majority deems right.

I’m not a fan of feeling helpless.

Which is one of the primary reasons I vote in the first place.


Unknown said...

Kind of like, pick the lesser of two evils in many of the cases. It's awesome that you actually care- so many people just go check off boxes without knowing what they're doing!

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