Monday, November 06, 2006

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I’m not supposed to tell any strangers that I’ve been chosen to be a Nielsen TV Ratings family but, really, are any of you strangers? I think not.

So there it is: I’m a N*elsen TV Ratings family!

I wouldn’t actually consider myself a family – I see myself more as a pathetic single girl – but N*elsen does. And if N*elsen does, who am I to argue?

A few months ago, I got a survey and $5 cash (fun!) in the mail from N*elsen. The survey was pretty short and, since I was so keeping the moolah, I felt somewhat obligated to fill it out.

I spent the $5 – probably on coffee and cinnamon raisin bagels at Tim Horton’s – and assumed that I’d heard the last of N*elsen.


A few weeks ago, a N*elsen representative knocked on the door and told me that my answers to that original survey, which mostly asked about my demographics and TV viewing, qualified me to be a N*elsen TV Ratings family!

Fast forward a bit and, in my humble little living room, is a ratings box attached to my telly. When I turn on the TV, all I have to do is punch in and watch my little heart out. Easy! Fun!

I was a communications major in college. I totally get off on this exercise of media dorkdom.

I also feel exceptionally powerful.

But, oh what the people at N*elsen must think. A typical day of television at my house: Good Morning America in the morning and Laguna Beach, The Girls Next Door, Grey’s Anatomy or MTV’s True Life. of which, obviously, I need to look into getting.


Amy said...

I was beginning to think that the Nielsen thing was a big urban myth because I had never heard of anyone who actually had a Nielsen box but YOU DO!! You are so cool!!

Anonymous said...

I was a paper Nielsen "family" (lived alone) once for a month. I kept such good records and now I'm sad that I never graduated to the box.

But for me, could you please watch "Studio 60", "Veronica Mars", and "Heroes"? I'll buy you pomegranate arils.

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