Tuesday, November 21, 2006

At the back of my closet

I own a lot of party dresses.

I don't go to all that many parties, truthfully. Enough, yes, but I wouldn't label myself a socialite or anything of the like.

This weekend, I dug through my closet at Mom and Dad's house. Due to the limited closet space at my apartment and the infrequency with which I wear my dresses, I keep all of my party dresses there.

Wanna see?

I don't have many of my dresses from high school, but I wore this one to my homecoming dance when I was a sophomore. I wouldn't dare wear this now; I have a feeling that it would be too short to cover my ass, if I did.

I wore this navy blue dress to a charity event (or maybe two?) that I went to with my parents. The picture doesn't do justice to the beautiful shape of the dress, which was very flattering.

My favorite part, no doubt, is the embroidery along the top of the dress.

It's the dress I was wearing in the famous picture of me, tennis babe Anna Kournikova and her then-husband, hockey player Sergei Fedorov.

I know I wore this to a charity gala. But I think that's it. It's a Jessica McClintock. The dress isn't quite as shiny or multi-colored as it appears in the picture, but I think it's a little too young-looking for me to get away with now.

My favorite part of this dress is the brooch at the top. Ironically enough, when I first bought the dress I wanted to cut it off.

This is the dress that Kevin's wife hated so much. It's made for a slender person. It's been a few years since I wore it, so I'm not sure I could even pull it off anymore. The entire dress is ruffles, which makes it a super fun variation on a plain black dress.

This looks like a sack on a hanger, but it's actually a Kenneth Cole wrap dress. A little more casual than the others, I've gotten good wear out of this.

I think the pattern is fun.

Oh, look! An old picture of (L-R) me, Mom and Meg. I'm wearing the Kenneth Cole. Meg's in my Ralph Lauren ruffle dress.

This is one of my ever faithful little black dresses. It was the first dress I'd bought that didn't have much structure, more flowy, with a drop waist. My mom says that it looks like a dress a ballerina would wear. I insist that it's more of a figure skater's style.

I love the drop waist. It gives the dress its flow and almost makes me look tall.

The drape of the neckline is pretty, too.

Another flowy dress, this dress was quite flattering on me. I think it was the color. Aren't blondes supposed to look good in red?

The embroidery is very delicate, subtle and pretty. The scarf thingie that hung over one shoulder is a bit unusual, but it grew on me.

I think I'll have this dress forever. Or for as long as it fits me. Pretty conservative, with the square neckline and all.

The two bows at the right side are cute detail, I think.

I haven't worn this yet. Invite me somewhere, people! The color is super pretty and it's that same ol' flowy style that I've found suits me well.

Ruffles to detract from my lack of boobies?

This dress is very slinky. I like it.

And the beading is gorgeous.

This Laundry dress is currently my favorite dress. It fits me perfectly. And it's totally versatile.

Here's me and my pointy nose wearing this dress at Meg's best friend's wedding this summer.

A good cut for a flat-chested girl.

Another drop waist. This one hangs so fricking perfectly. And look at the detail. Don't you love the detail?

Of course you do.

And you want me to escort you to your company's ultra-fancy Christmas party?

Of course you do.


Unknown said...

OOOOH FUN!! I love this post!! It's my favorite :)

I loooooooove all your dresses. And you are simply gorgeous!

Wow, I'm totally feeling the exclamation points tonight!!


Amy said...

Holy smokes. My closet is full of t-shirts, sweatshirts and jeans. NOTHING like this at all. I would love a life that would require me to dress like this once in awhile but I don't have it. Nor do I have the body to pull it off, either. Wow, really gorgeous (the dresses AND you!)

Mrs. Architect said...

LOVE IT!! Please move here so we can share clothes!! Or...just come for a visit and I will take you out on the town so you can wear them!!

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