Friday, November 24, 2006

And now, the lighter side of my holiday

This week, my cousin Max's teacher passed out a worksheet to the class. The instructions were for the students to make a list of what they needed to buy at the grocery store for Thanksgiving dinner.

Max, who is six, had a very short list. One item, as a matter of fact.

Bud Light.

What six year old puts Bud Light on his Thanksgiving shopping list?

What six year old makes Bud Light the only thing on his Thanksgiving shopping list?

And, most importantly, how much does the fact that Max (who has the same last name as me and is enrolled in the same school district that I graduated from) put Bud Light on his Thanksgiving shopping list ruin the sterling reputation that I worked so hard to maintain?

That's right. It's all about me.


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! And don't worry, I'm sure the teacher was all, "tsk-ing" about the fact that someone related to respectable *you* could have written that. Someone must've switched his paper with another's! ;)

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