Thursday, November 16, 2006

An abusive relationship

I was going to write something funny. It might have even been hilarious.

But, first I sat down and watched Grey's Anatomy and - WHAM! - gone.

That show sucks all humor from my life.

I take melancholy to bed every Thursday night. And I love it. Thrive on it. Shake with giddy anticipation during Ugly Rita.

It's too good. I love it too much. I shouldn't be allowed to watch.

This show? It destroys me. Then picks me up and kisses my boo boo. Then it pushes me in the mud, points and laughs. Then it sends me flowers and chocolate before it kicks me in the teeth. Kisses my cheek. Spits on my lunch. Mails me a valentine. Keys my car. Holds me tight. Drops me fast.

Every week.

It gets me every week.

Now if you'll excuse me, melancholy and I need to get some rest.


Anonymous said...

Bill really loves this show, too.

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