Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Writer’s Block Party

Okay. It’s time. I must admit it.

I am suffering from a hardcore case of writer’s block.

It may be the worst case of writer’s block that the world has ever seen.

Could there be anything more annoying? Ugh. Things have been happening. Things that I could write about! I am (sadly) not sleeping away each and every day (I could use the rest) and I am (thankfully) no longer buried in my work and I am (shockingly) not even spending every waking hour obsessing about Friday’s job interview.

I’m convinced that I’m boring. That may or may not be the case, but being fairly certain that your life is a snooze does not inspire you to write about birthday presents, college football games, the charming and shockingly-well behaved Colin or how my sister’s hockey team accidentally left her at a McDonald’s in St. Louis.

It’s rained nearly every day this month. All of that gloom does not inspire.

It doesn’t inspire me to do anything but stay in bed.

I’m not only boring. I am also a lazy lump of shit.

Tonight, though, I have a game plan. My game plan is one that doesn’t even include watching reality television and that’s huge. Lately, all of my plans revolve around reality television (Laguna Beach and Girls Next Door) or Grey’s Anatomy. Tonight, there will be none of that. I am going to go home from work and I’m going to empty my dishwasher, wash my sheets, fix my hockey helmet, clean my n-n-n-n-nasty bathroom, put away the pleasantly huge stack of birthday presents that is sitting in the center of my living room, eat some cranberry sauce and go to hockey.

It’ll be good.

But will any of it give me something to write about? No.

It’s a tragedy.


Plantation said...

If you haven't noticed, I"m in the same boat as you. Well, sorta. I'm writing a book chapter. Does that count?

Anonymous said...

If this is the result of writer's block then I guess when it passes we can look forward to War and Peace. No. You're not boring. I really look forward to every little thing you have to say.

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