Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Good morning, friends.

I scored a second on-site interview.


I am such a loser that I want to think that this next interview is a bad sign, because I was never told that there'd be a second on-site interview. I was told that the hiring comittee would make a decision on Monday and then pass the decision on to the executive hiring comittee, which would make the final decision by the end of this week.

Here's a summary of my thinking process: "Another interview? Great!" > "There wasn't supposed to be another interview." > "I didn't convince them in the last interview." > "They're interviewing me again out of pity." > "They don't like me."

Which is a really great, positive way to be thinking going into an interview.


Plantation said...

This, m'dear, is definitely a GOOD thing. Jobs are rarely one on a single interview. Fingers crossed.

A said...

Well, yeah...that makes total sense and I was surprised when they told me that they'd make the decision after the first on-site interview (I HAD done phone interviews and a test thingie prior). But that's what they told me. A decision after the first on-site! I can't let that go.

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