Sunday, October 01, 2006

Snore...and more

Lately, I have been exceptionally exhausted.

I keep awfully busy, so being tired isn't anything new for me. But tired like this? Unusual. I am sluggish. I am confused. Coffee and a few hours of wakefulness don't shake it.

I'm blaming it on the weather, because I have a hard time believing that I've come down with a case of mono.

Or maybe it's age.

After all, I do turn 24 tomorrow.

Mom and Dad took me out to dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday. We went to the local fancy-schmancy restaurant. I ate. And ate and ate. And then had some chocolate mousse.

My mom asked me if I was going to have children before she died.

I considered telling her that, at this point, my goal is to have sex before she dies. It seemed somewhat inappropriate, so instead I asked her if there were any immediate health concerns that I needed to know of.

The subject was dropped, which I was thankful for.

Since they won't see me tomorrow (which I'm slightly bitter about), Mom and Dad gave me a few birthday presents, too. New Ugg boots (as the ones Meg bought me last Christmas smell like a rotting skunk carcass), hockey goalie pants that make me look as though I weigh 300 lbs. but will (hopefully) keep me from serious injury and a goalie's neck guard (different from the famous player's neck guard).

I like presents. Even if they're random pieces of hockey equipment.

I'm only working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, which I am totally excited and thankful for.

Originally, I took Thursday off to be a chill day before heading to Chicago with my mom and my grandma on Friday. Now, it'll be a cram-for-interview day, which will be helpful. I like feeling prepared.

I also like that I already had Thursday-Sunday off and then I land this job interview. Isn't that perfect? Doesn't that mean something? Won't the third time be the charm?

Cross your fingers for me.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday!!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!!

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