Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pet peeve of the day

A coworker - a woman who I happen to love to death - has this really annoying habit in which she is forced to point out any mistake I may have made the minute I walk through the door.

I hadn't even sat down this morning and she was standing on her desk, beating on a drum and hollering about how I reversed a date on a document.

Okay. That can be fixed without major catastrophy. And, as a matter of fact, that can be not fixed without major catastrophy. Did you forget that what we do is, in the grand scheme of this world, not really all that important?

No one will die.

Seriously. Let me take my coat off and chill the fuck out. You have nine hours to point out all of my faults.


Lady said...

Bless ya!

I'm keeping everything possible crossed for you - that post'll come! You certainly deserve it!!

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