Thursday, October 19, 2006

Party of one

I have tickets to the Michigan/Iowa game on Saturday.

I asked for the tickets weeks ago. I wanted to go with my dad. I thought that we would have fun.

But then the Detroit Tigers pulled off a miracle. And, subsequently, I pulled off a miracle. I got Dad World Series tickets and I insisted that he use them. I would find someone else to go to the football game with.

And that’s the problem.

I wanted to go with Colin. We never get to spend an entire day together, just the two of us. And 107, 499 of our closest friends.

He tried, but work couldn’t accommodate the change to his schedule. He can’t go, and I’d be lying if I said that a few tears didn’t slip down my cheek when I listened to the voicemail in which he told me so.

Back when I was a student, I’d always take my cousin Paul to games. He’s the big sports fan in the family. He has to work. Bussing tables. Poor bastard.

I thought maybe I’d take my cousin Emma. She loves trips to campus, going to the football games, feeling older and wiser than she really is. Halloween party.

My dad keeps telling me that Mom would love to go with me. She could spend time with me, see my sister. Mom feels left out when we’re all off going to sporting events and leaving her at home, he told me. Invite her. She’ll love it.

I invited Mom. She doesn’t want to go. She supposes that she will, in the case that I can’t find anyone else.

I emailed Meg this morning. Sell your seat in the student section (it’s never very hard), I told her, and you can sit with me. She didn’t respond to my email. Nor did she pick up either call I made to her today.


I get the hint.

It is stupid, silly, insignificant things like this that make me hate myself. When I can’t get rid of a ticket that is totally in demand because I don’t have friends. Not many. Not enough. Not sports fans.

I am a loser.

Which is a really, really great way to think of yourself the night before an interview.

Almost as great as crying yourself to sleep.


Chloe said...

If it makes you feel better, I had tickets to Game 7 of the NLCS and had to ask about 4 people before finally just taking my best friend (who isn't really a baseball fan) because I was so tired of being turned down by stupid people who didn't understand the magnitude/significance of the game.

Amy said...

Oh, I am always in that boat. I wish I could go with you!! My bro-in-law will be at the game (he's at nearly every home game). It's not at all that you don't have friends, it's that they are busy. I am certain Colin would much MUCH rather be with you at the game than at work.

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