Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A month's reprieve

My skating coach is always teasing me about the weddings I'm in. It seems like I'm always missing lessons because of bridesmaid's obligations. She is forever sighing "when is this wedding again?" and "how many weddings is this that you've been in during the last year?"

It's only been two, actually. Plus Meg's best friend's wedding, where I did a reading. But, truthfully, it seems like a lot more. One cannot take a laissez fair approach when marrying off her best friend and her closest (age-wise) cousin!

Coach grinned a spectaular smile when I told her that there were no more weddings on my radar. Obligation free! Let's work on that layback spin!

That lasted a month.


Today is Lucy and Chet's one month anniversary.

Today is also the day I learned that my cousin Mara is engaged.

And, while I will bet against being a bridesmaid (we've been very close in the past, but not in recent years), I will guarantee that her wedding will be a lavish, stylish, painfully expensive affair to remember. Her parents, my oh-so-demanding aunt and uncle, like only the finest.

Especially for their only daughter.

I expect that this turn of events will make this weekend's trip to Chicago - where Mara and her parents live - much more interesting.



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