Friday, October 06, 2006


I came back to Mom and Dad's house after my interview because, from here, Mom, Grandma and I are leaving to go to Chicago.

Dad sent a window guy over to give him an estimate on replacing them.

And when the window guy was in Meg's room, he noticed all of her hockey posters and equipment and autographed memoribilia.

"You play hockey, huh?"

He saw the pictures of Meg in the room and, since we look somewhat alike, he must've thought I was Meg.

"I do, actually. That's my sister's room. She's the real hockey player, I just play for fun." I told him that she plays on her university's team.

He was impressed.

"Are you going to have the opportunity to do that?" he asked, smiling.

"Well, Like I said, she's the real hockey player."

And, like I didn't say: I'm done with college.

Everyone always thinks Meg is older.


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