Tuesday, October 24, 2006


When I don’t have internet access readily available, I don’t handle it well.

I’m not addicted. Just, um, committed. Committed to reading blogs and writing in my own and obsessively checking my email (word on the job front? New electricity bill? Love confession from my high school crush? I love it all.) and Googling anything and everything I have the mildest curiosity about.

It’s great. The internet is great.

And that’s why I mildly freaked out when I came home last night, attempted to boot up my laptop, and realized that my screen was massively fucked up. I could see faint shadows that suggested the laptop had booted all the way to the desktop, but that was it. No mouse curser (unless I got so close that I practically pressed my nose to the screen), no letters, no numbers. Is that an icon? Maybe. Basically, though, the page was blank.

I immediately pack up my laptop and drive my ass to the computer repair shop near Mom and Dad’s house. It’s an independently owned store and they’re way, way more reasonably priced than CompUSA and the like. They’re also closed. I cursed my luck and decided to stop by CompUSA on my way home.

They, as always, were completely useless. “Uhhhh. We think it might be this. But to diagnose it will be $150. And if it’s what we, um, think it is then, ah, that part will be like $400 more. If you buy a new laptop here, though, we’ll transfer all of your files for free.”

Fuck you. I’m taking my laptop and going home.

On my way home, I call my dad to deliver the bad news: you bought a laptop for me for my college graduation and I’ve already ruined it! Sorry!

He tells me that it’s still under warranty. I feel stupid for running around like a madwoman trying to get it fixed when I can just call Dell and have them deal with the problem. For $0.

I went home and spent an hour on the phone with Dell while simultaneously baking an apple crisp. And now some tech guy is going to come and fix the LCD screen on my baby, my laptop, and then I can return to blogging in my pajamas.

Oh, what a glorious day that will be.


Stace said...

Awe the greatness of blogging in your jammies. :)

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