Monday, October 09, 2006

Chicago: could've been better, could've been worse

I would like to write a long post about the trip to Chicago I took this weekend.

My family, however, is exhausting. And whatever energy I would've put into blogging about the excitement of this weekend was sucked from me sometime around midnight on Friday.

Like I said: exhausting.

So, let me sum up this weekend with one word. Driving. An exceptional amount of driving.

Michigan to Chicago (5 hours). Aunt Louise's house to the rink Meg's team played at (45 minutes, two trips). The rink to Aunt Louise's house (45 minutes, one trip). The rink to Aunt Louise's house with Aunt Louise, who has lived in Chicago for 20 years, navigating (2 hours). Chicago to Michigan, including a 45 minute delay waiting for police after we were rear-ended (6 hours).

Due to bitterness, I will offer no details on:
a. Aunt Louise getting us fantastically lost
b. Being rear-ended

Instead, I'll offer you all a list of things I liked about the weekend:
1. meeting my cousin's charming fiancé.
2. seeing my cousin's stunning, huge engagement ring.
3. eating. A lot.
4. the time I spent with my mom when I didn't want to kill her.
5. the time I spent with my aunt and uncle when they weren't trying to run my life.
6. getting a birthday present from my sister.
7. getting a birthday present from my aunt and uncle.
8. driving along Lake Michigan.
9. spending time with my sister.
10. really getting to know her hockey teammates.
11. watching her hockey teammates interact at the lunch/party my aunt and uncle threw for them.
12. Michigan 31, Michigan State 13.
13. not dwelling on the job interview.
14. the weather.
15. Detroit Tigers 6, New York Yankees 0.
16. Detroit Tigers 8, New York Yankees 3.
17. making applesauce.
18. phone calls with Colin.
19. bonding with Grandma.
20. jokes about mom's menopause.
21. jokes about Aunt Louise's menopause.
22. sleeping in the sun on the ride home.
23. that our rear-end collision ruined nothing but mom's car and a few cupcakes.


Mrs. Architect said...

For a second my heart stopped wondering if it was poor sweet Stella that got hurt! Phew!

Glad no one at all was hurt!!

Plantation said...

Glad the Tigers won and Happy Birthday :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good time and I hope there is a backdrop of joy to your exhaustion.

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