Thursday, October 12, 2006


I'm about to watch E! True Hollywood Story: Starving for Perfection, a special on eating disorders. I'm pumped. Now, don't get me wrong, I love any THS, but this one really fires me up. I know one of the featured anorexics. How crazy is that?

While we're on the subject of crazy, let me give you today's Southeastern Michigan weather report: it's fucking cold and IT'S SNOWING. I've lived in Michigan for my entire 24 years and I cannot remember a year when it's snowed so early. Flurries on Halloween? Yes. But not on October 12th. This is ridiculous.

Tomorrow is my day off. If I get this new job, I will miss having Fridays off. I can't stand working on Saturdays, but I can't deny how nice it is to have a weekday off to get all of the essentials - doctors appointments and shopping and banking and errands and all of that - done while the rest of the world is at work.

I really hope I get that new job, by the way.

I want to start planning. Look at apartments, start writing my letter of resignation, research new gyms, figure out where teaching skating lessons will fit into my schedule. I won't let myself do it. I don't want to count on this. I'm really afraid of building this opportunity so high that, if it topples, it will break my heart.

My interview isn't for a week. I have to suppress myself for seven more days. Control my anxiety. Prepare myself. Not plan. Not count on anything. Wait.

I have to wait for a week. At least.

Oh, impatience.


Mrs. Architect said...

AHH!! I can't imagine how LONG that must seem! A week between Grey's Anatomy is torture enough!! I can only imagine with someone as important as this!!! I'll definitely be thinking about you and sending good luck vibes your way!!

Plantation said...

By the way, how's Darcy doing? I don't see her link. I tried to add the new Beta but it tells me my blog's too big. :-(

Lady said...

I feel your pain!! Positive vibes are being sent from me to you.

A said...

I haven't talked to Darcy in a gazillion years, actually.

Thank you for inspiring me to email her, PT! :)

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