Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Lucy mentioned to one of the other bridesmaids in her wedding that I was interviewing for a job at Really Cool Company.

This gives Other Bridesmaid the grand idea to send the company her résumé to Really Cool Company. Supposedly she recently got a follow-up phone call.

That pisses me off.

I don't even know what position she's applying for. It just seems kind of shitty, to me, to be honing in on a job that a (very) casual friend is obviously very invested in pursuing.

Isn't it basically the same as macking on a boy that another girl has announced she has a crush on?

In my mind, these situations are equals.

So I'm mad.

Maybe even a little mad at Lucy for telling her about it.

Whatever. She has so been out of college for two years and has yet to land a full-time job. She also so needs this job because her loser boyfriend cannot even keep a pizza delivery job for more than a few weeks and he lives with her (and formerly with her and her parents) rent-free. I'm not kidding.

She's also at least 6 weeks behind me in the hiring process. Even if she's applying for the same position (of which they're hiring multiple), it isn't like she's in direct competition with me. She hasn't even scheduled a phone interview.

I don't even know what I'm angry about, except maybe the possibility that at a high school reunion I wouldn't be the only one who could say "I work at Really Cool Company" with a humble smile while watching my former classmates squirm at me with envy.

Yeah, I think about things like that.


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