Friday, October 06, 2006

Alive and well

I left today's interview feeling better than I did after the last two. I was excited. Giddy, even. I told the H.R. Coordinator, who was super sweet, that I may skip to my car.

I didn't. But I definitely could've.

The interview lasted the entire three hours it was scheduled to. For the most part, conversation ran smoothly and painlessly. Generally, I enjoyed myself. Undoubtedly, I want this job.

I interviewed with four people. It was interesting to observe their different interviewing styles and to see what from my resume each chose to focus on. I'd say that I really clicked with three of the four people I interviewed with. The other one. Eh. I don't know. The guy didn't have a lot of personality. His questions weren't exactly easily answered. It felt like he was waiting on me to fail. He ranked third on the hierarchy of those who interviewed me, so I'm hoping that his opinion on me isn't the be all and end all. ...unless he really liked me. Then his decision can SO be the be all and the end all.

I had to take a writing test. Snore.

After I finished up with my final interview, I closed things out with the H.R. Coordinator. One of the first things she said to me was "I heard you in here with so-and-so (the highest ranking of all of my interviewers) and it sounded just like he was talking to a coworker! You were so laid back and comfortable! It was great!"

I hadn't had the chance to process anything so, until she said that, I was pretty neutral. After that comment, though, I have a bit of hope.

A small bit of hope which I will not blow out of proportion.

I'm just waiting things out and trying not to get too excited. I will be calm. I will be rational.

I promise you all this: you'll be the first to know. Late next week.

Don't uncross those fingers yet!

p.s. Written fluency in a foreign language was never mentioned. Phew!


Plantation said...

The more interviews you go thru, the more routine they will seem. I think it's important that if you don't get a certain job, you ask them why and if there was anything in the interview process that concerned them. This way, we can learn and improve. Fingers crossed.

Lady said...

Fingers Corss indeed! Glad to hear it went well :)

People always mistake me and my sister (if they dont see us very often, or just from a distance) which is worrying... She's 30 and has 2 kids!

Amy said...

Good for you!!

Can't wait to hear the decision, either way you always show such maturity that I know that when it's right it'll be right for both parties involved!!

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