Friday, October 20, 2006

2 down, ? to go

Today's interview was gloriously brief. I only met with two people; in the first round of interviews, I met with four and had to take a writing test (which I obviously passed with skill and ease).

The waiting game is back on.

The adorably sweet girl in H.R. basically told me the same thing she did last time. Clearly, they did not go through this process last time (when she indicated that they'd make a decision after that first on-site interview), but maybe it'll go as planned this time around.

They'll have a committee meeting on Monday morning and they'll make a decision. Then, they have to go through all of the hiring bureaucracy: an executive hiring committee makes the final decision on me, they check my references, I bite off all of my nails and tear out my hair, blah, blah, blah.

And I should hear by the end of next week.

For the most part, I think that today's interviews went fairly well. Both women were nice and receptive and my answers seemed to please them. Sometimes I felt like I was being too vague when answering the questions they asked to find out how much I knew about the product. But, really, I answered those same questions almost the same way in my first on-site interview and I made it to another round. Hopefully it's a bigger deal to me than it is to them.

An unsettling part of the morning: I was in the reception area with another girl when the one guy who interviewed me my first time around came into the room. He was the guy who I felt I least impressed. He didn't have much personality and he was was hard to read. "Hi, Lauren!" he says to her. To me? Nothing.


I hope he just didn't remember my name. Or recognize me.

As sad as this may seem, I am pretty easy to forget. And I'm saying that because it's a pattern that I've seen all my life, not because I have shitty self-esteem.

Anyway. I put that little mishap, as well as my sniffling about the football ticket issue, behind me. I put on a fairly good show for my interviewers. And whatever happens, happens.

And if they don't want to hire me? Fuck them. I'll find something better.


Plantation said...

Fingers crossed. If for some reason this one doesn't work out, I have a few ideas rattling around in my head.

Here's a tough random question. If you were able to have only one of these, which would it be??

Michigan wins the nat'l championship, Tigers win the World Series, Alyson gets this job...

A said...

Ranked in the order of personal importance: 1. job, 2. UM nat'l championship, 3. World Series. Am just not a huge baseball fan.

Anonymous said...

Some of us will never forget you.

Amy said...

I am so excited for you (and nervous). It's the waiting that really bites, isn't it?

Keep us posted (as always!)

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