Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Everything suddenly seems like it’s moving really, really fast.

I have a job interview next Friday. I’m feeling superstitious; I’m not going to get into details. Just know this: I would absolutely die of happiness of I land this job. Seriously. I’d be so happy that it’d stop my heart. Immediately.

And this thing with Colin. Holy shit! Who is this kind, considerate, bordering-on-perfect boy who is, like, incredibly into me? Colin has changed. For the better. He’s grown up. A lot. He’s actually 24 now! I love it.

Did you know that it’s my birthday?


Where the hell did September go? Where the hell did my childhood go? I will be 24 on Monday. That’s old. Significantly older than 23. Way more than a year. If someone tells me they’re 23, I think “oh, just out of college. First job. Blah blah.” When someone tells me they’re 24, I think, “ah. Just getting ready to get married, settle down and pop out some babies.”

Not that what I think really counts for much. My worldview is incredibly warped and demented.

Oh, let’s just face it: I am incredibly warped and demented.


M said...

Oooh, good luck! I actually have a job interview too next week ... we can channel good interviewing skills to each other.

Lady said...

How much in one little post... good luck, happy birthday, yay for colin... !!

24 isn't old :( I just wrote my 25th bday into my 2007 diary.

I'm with you on the jobs - just sending through 2 new applications, fingers crossed for interviews now!

Mrs. Architect said...

Happy Birthday sweetie!!! I am SO excited to hear how things with Colin are going! Woo hoo!!

Good luck with the job!!

Oh, and I have been a suck ass commenter...but I meant to tell you a LONG time ago that you are SOOO hot!!! The pics you posted from the beach wedding were amazing! You are GORGEOUS!! I need to learn how to ice skate and do all the things you do, so that I can have a KILLER body like you!!!!

And I totally agree with the difference between 23 and 24. When I think that I just turned 26, I have to stop and shake my head...26!?! Is that right?? Wow, that is starting to sound old! hehe

Well...not old...more like mature and grown-up! A full fledged adult!! hehe

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