Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weekend recap

I did nothing this weekend.

It was incredibly satisfying.

I worked on Saturday. It could’ve been worse.

I made granola.

I skated. Twice!

I made plans to go to Chicago with my parents. Meg has hockey games there; we never go to see her away games and I wanted an excuse to go to Chicago.

I spent time with Colin. It was glorious. I’ve been holding back, because I’m afraid that this time around will end as disastrous as other times we’ve tried dating, and I’m starting to realize that the distance I’m trying to keep may be foolish and unnecessary.

I made chili.

I drove through Detroit.

I had dinner with two friends from high school.

I went with my mom to visit Aunt Marie.

We took Aunt Marie to Target. She still can’t walk on the ankle that was broken/infected/rebroken/reinfected/operated on ten times over and, thus, she can’t go out on her own. Apparently, it’d been a long time since she had gone shopping. We were at Target for three hours.

I visited my sister at school.

I went to Tim Horton’s.

I watched Michigan wallop on Wisconsin.

I ate Thai food.

I painted my nails.

Like I said, I did nothing.


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