Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wedding pictures

Lucy and Chet's photographer, a friend, took some great shots at the wedding. Thought I'd share some. ...mostly of me, to respect the privacy of the others. And because I'm painfully narcissistic.

Whose that girl with the excellent posture? That'd be me, putting the last minute touches on my toast on the deck outside of Lucy and Chet's hotel room.

Lucy has boobies.

Bridesmaids, yes. Professional models, no.

I always cock my head too much when I'm getting my picture taken.

I hugged Lucy so hard that I broke four ribs.

Hey! I know that guy! He's my dad!

I make a toast. And a weird facial expression.

Bridal party.

Bridal party attempts silly.

I psych myself up before walking down the aisle.

I was the only bridesmaid captured on film crying. Damnit.

Walking back up the aisle, realizing that a beach wedding is quite the workout.

More later! Will let your eyes rest from the painful sight of me for a few days.


Lady said...

Swit Swoo missy, you're gorgeous!

A said...

You're too sweet, Lady!

betsy said...


what a beautiful view that wedding had!

Plantation said...

You look wonderful. Congrats also for kicking NDs ass. Did I miss the NY job update? What's the status?

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