Monday, September 18, 2006


I am a fabulous daughter. I just got home from donating two hours of my evening to picketing with the professors union that my mom is a member of. They're on the verge of going on strike and were picketing, in the rain, outside of the administration building. I brought Lucy with, because she's always up for a little bit of militant activity.

I am also a fabulous neighbor. At 10:00 on Saturday night, I get a knock on my door. It is a new neighbor of mine - a woman just a bit older than me - and her dog. She went to take Raisin, a pug, out for a walk and locked herself out of her apartment. No keys. No phone. Nowhere to go. She's new to the complex, too. I invite her and Raisin inside, call the emergency line and entertain her while we wait the hour (!) it takes to get her back into her apartment.

I am a fabulous skater. I took a lesson from my coach on Sunday morning. I haven't been skating as much as I should be as of late, so I was pleasantly surprised when my coach told me that my jump combinations were the best she's ever seen them.

I am not such a fabulous employee. There might've been a cool hour today that I spent revising a follow-up worksheet for a job that I had a phone interview for last Monday.

I am a fabulous fanatic. All I can listen to is John Mayer's Continuum, especially track 5, "The Heart of Life."

I am a fabulous blogger. I updated today, didn't I?


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