Friday, September 15, 2006

Not ironic, exactly, but strange nonetheless

Lucy and I went to see The Last Kiss and out for Chinese food after. Our first outing since she has become a married woman! ...she's exactly the same. And I expected her to be.

We get Chinese food a lot. Because of this, we have developed a fortune cookie ritual. At the end of our meal, when the server brings the bill and the fortune cookies, I always pick up the fortune cookies in my hand, mix them all around, and make Lucy choose one. I take whatever is left. Then we read each other our fortune.

My fortune sucked and, with my mouth full of cookie, I told Lucy so. "'Ignorance never settles I question,'" I read to her. "Lame."

Lucy squealed when she read hers. I immediately assumed it said something along the lines of "September 3, 2006 is the lucky day you will marry your perfect mate" or some crap like that.


She held out her fortune so that I could confirm that, yes, we had the same fortune.

Upon further inspection, we realized that our fortunes weren't written in the same font or format (hers had her lucky numbers on the back, while mine did not). We checked out the wrapping they had come in and confirmed that these fortune cookies, reading identical fortunes, were from different companies.

What's the likelihood?

And what the hell does it mean?

I still wish it had been a better fortune. The last cookie I had read: "to let another into your heart, first let yourself in." Appropriate, no?


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