Sunday, August 06, 2006

Won't get ahead of myself, but it's still nice

It was the start of Lucy's bridal shower (which I will tell you all about later).

I had just missed a phone call; I assumed it was a shower-goer who needed directions. I was checked my voicemail.

Which, apparently, I hadn't done since Thursday.

Because there were two (2! TWO!) calls from potential employers. One in Baltimore, one in New Jersey.

Will return their calls tomorrow, obviously.

Will be optimistic tonight.

Thus far, my response rate has been above the 4% that PT was nice enough to warn me about.

So what I'm saying is: there may be hope.


Unknown said...

YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Yay for A!! (Sorry, I couldn't resist the rhyming). Keep us updated!

Plantation said...

Awesome. Keep beating the odds. Good luck with the call-backs!

Lady said...

Fingers crossed! I didn't know that 4% response rate, makes me feel a little less depressed about my job hunting now!

A said...

Thanks, everyone!

re: the 4%. A good thing to keep in mind, right? Eternally grateful for that little tidbit of knowledge.

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