Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Well, well

Tomorrow is the big day. 10:00 am. Me. Madison Avenue. Urine streaming down my leg.

I can't wait!

I'm flying out tonight - at 9:24 - and staying at Aviva's house in Midtown. In the interest of cost (incredibly less expensive) and a little quality time with good ol' 'Viva, I don't fly back to DTW until 6:00 am on Thursday.

I expect to be exhausted.

Emotionally, I'm sure, as much as physically. Just considering moving to a new city is very scary.

It would be good for me.

For whatever reason, this trip isn't stirring up as much anxiety as my interview in Chicago this spring.

I'll take that as a good sign.

Another good sign? Kevin and Aviva are both interviewing tomorrow morning for potential promotions.

What are the chances?


betsy said...


Amy said...

my prayers are with you! Keep us posted!

Bill Robertson said...

Consider yourself prayed for!

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