Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The starter is back in the game

Who is sick of my play-by-play of my job hunt?*

If you're currently waving your hand and/or standing on your chair, you might want to stop reading.

Because I finally got the balls to open my email from Mr. Good Phone Interview and, would you look at that, he's been busy! And he wants me to come to New York and "meet the team."

(That's a charming way of saying that he wants me to interview, no?)

Next week.


This turn of events, coupled with the not-so-great feeling I get from Ms. Move In Three Weeks and the fact that she, indeed, expects me to relocate in three weeks makes me so over even considering that job. Maybe that isn't the wisest decision, but I'm going to go with my gut on this one.

But I'll still analyze it to death.

What? Did you think I'd turned into a new person overnight?

*It's okay. You can tell the truth. I'd rather be writing about Lucy's wedding shower and going out with Colin last Saturday night. Eventually, I will. Probably tomorrow, when my boss is out of the office.


M said...

I love reading about your life! And NY would be so awesome. Get excited!

Plantation said...

New job, new city, and maybe most important, new boyfriend.

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