Friday, August 04, 2006

Now, the date stuff

I went out with the boy from Aviva’s brother’s wedding on Wednesday evening.

That’s huge.

Because I seriously considered not doing it.

A date with someone I’d met once before is so incredibly far out of my comfort range. I could stay at home, go to the gym, paint my toenails and watch The Hills and not worry about my hair (too humid thus too curly) or what to wear (this is too casual, that is too dressy, this doesn’t match with any of my accessories) or how to act (fake confidence? Give in to my shyness? Smile with unnatural frequency?) or what to eat (at a fricking Mexican restaurant. Without spilling on my lap.).

Yes, staying at home would be so much easier.

But I am trying, for once, to be brave and grand and to live outside of myself.

And I went.

I like the kid. He’s totally easy to get along with. Funny. Sweet. Definitely a gentleman.

He told me that I was tiny, which, to me, is the ultimate compliment. Oh, how I being called tiny flatters me. So much more than pretty or beautiful or smart.

(Yes, that is sort of pathetic.)


Maybe this sounds strange, since I’m certain that I will die a virgin.

I can’t see myself having sex with the kid.

Or kissing him, even.

And that seems to be a problem.


Plantation said...

You can't force chemistry. It's there or it isn't. As for your virginity, you've got a long way to go to beat my record ;-)

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