Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mystery of the Year

My sister has a pet goldfish, Philip, who lives in a tank in Mom and Dad’s living room. Philip was a gag gift from the captains of her high soccer team – everyone on the team got one; Meg’s fish is the only one who lived longer than a month.

Fast forward three years.

Philip is still alive.

He’s not what you would call an active goldfish. He chills in the bottom corner of the tank most of the time, not much interested in doing crazy things like swimming laps or moving around.

On Wednesday night, my mom and my sister see my dad peering into the fish tank. He’s looking and looking and looking.

“Where’s the fish?”

They both go over to the tank.

Which Philip is not inside.

Here is also where the fish is not:

a. anywhere on the floor
b. dead inside of the filter
c. dead under the gravel.

Mom cleaned and emptied the tank yesterday. There is no Philip carcass.

We doubt that Philip jumped out of the tank to commit suicide. The top of the water was a good eight inches below the top of the tank. And the fish didn’t swim. How could he possibly jump?

And where could he possibly be?

Answer that one, kids.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a cat?

A said...

No cat!

Amy said...

I once found the algea eater 3 feet from the fish tank on my son's floor. We had a cover on the tank, with only a very small opening where the air pipe thing went in. No clue how he got out. Even worse, when I tried to scoop him with a net, he was still ALIVE. Put him back in the tank and he lived another year!

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