Monday, August 14, 2006

An entry in which I scream a lot


Just got home. Checked email.

Email from potential employer.

"Hey, I know I haven't contacted you since last f'ing week, but if you can still do THIS WEDNESDAY, as in two bloody days from now, that would be awesome. Let me know!"

Okay. Hi.

I have, like, 36 hours in which to pack and prepare for this. And work 9 hours. And drive (like maniac) to Mom and Dad's house to get a suit to wear. And go through massive airport hassles. And check my luggage (because I'm not traveling without my hair gel). AND FREAK OUT. REPEATEDLY.

I'm going to New York for a job interview!

I'm leaving tomorrow!

Holy fucking shit!


M said...

Look at it this way -- you will barely have time to worry about it! Good luck! You'll do great.

Plantation said...

3 words. Kick some ass.

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats a bit of spontaneity! Fingers crossed for you, good luck!!

Lady said...

That last one was from me :)

Amy said...

That's exactly right, you won't have time to stress! Just be yourself and have fun!!

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