Saturday, August 12, 2006

Bridesmaid of the Year

Today, I spent six hours baking cookies to go in the welcome packages for guests for Lucy's wedding.

Last Saturday, I spent 10 hours baking and cooking and cleaning for her wedding shower. (Which was very nice and which I may actually get around to telling you all about one day.)

I need an award. It must exceed 12" tall and it must be made of either gold or platinum. No exceptions.

Because it's not like I'll pay her back one day.

I'll never get married.


I will be 45 and sitting around, waiting for Colin to call me back, just like I am now.

Just. Like. Now.


Lady said...

I don;t believe that for one second. Your knight in shining armour will find you one day :)

Amy said...

I could say so many things, but I, too, have 'waited on a man'. Regretfully, because, as it turns out, life is still going on while I was waiting. But still, I know how you feel. Don't let your feelings tie you to someone who won't let you fly.

Unknown said...

Hello, Michele sent me.

Also, don't give up (except on the guy you are waiting to call you)! You will find love and it will make you wonder "Colin who?"

I just recently got married for the first time at 36!

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