Monday, August 07, 2006

3 weeks

From an email from potential employer: "Second, and perhaps more important, this is a position that we must fill on a full-time basis no later than September 1, which may be difficult given your current location. Is it likely that you would be settled in the area by that time?"

Does anyone else realize how soon September 1 is?

I broke the news to my mom tonight. She seemed upbeat. She reminded me that it could be done. I could live in a hotel for the first month if I had to. And, no matter how much I hated the job, I could do it for a year.

Any decision can be unmade, she told me.

The same thing she told me when I was choosing my college. "It would be for as short as semester," she told me, "not forever."


I had more than three weeks to choose the college I was attending.


M said...

They shouldn't put you in that position. But if you are excited about the job, then definitely go for it.

Anonymous said...

Also, by all accounts you seem to have LOVED your college experience. I say go for it! And good luck.


Lady said...

And if all else fails and the job sucks, will it look good enough on paper to get you up the job ladder?

if it's only comfort thats keeping you back, I'd say go for it - you never know until you've tried!

Stacey Brandow said...

Where is this job? I want read about you moving to NYC!

Plantation said...

Yes, where IS it? And by the way, the 'rush job' isn't anything new. Another thing to get used to.

A said...

Oh. Right. :) New Jersey.

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