Friday, July 21, 2006

Oh, the stress

I wasn't going to tell you guys about this, because I fear jinxing myself.

I have a phone interview in an hour and fifteen minutes. Feeling pretty nervous, even though its just with the HR screener and its a job that I'm not convinced I want.

It's in New York.

Should we cue up the nervous relocation chatter now or at 5:15 when I'm through with the interview?


Aviva would be awfully excited.

This phone interview is for the first job I applied for after finding out about Royal Job Screw, Part II, which is sort of ironic. That job I almost landed in Chicago, you see, was the first job I applied for after learning of January's big, bad management shift.

Beginner's luck, eh?


Plantation said...

Just remember what I said to you. I hope you beat the odds. Good luck, Alyson.

M said...

SO, how did it go? I'm rooting for you Aly!

Buffy said...

So, how'd it go?

Stace said...

I hope all went well. But you should definitely let us know. :)

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