Monday, July 17, 2006

Look at me! I’m a prune!

I had a soccer game yesterday. It was 100+. I am 70% dead.

To prove to myself that my brain is capable of higher thinking, despite being severely dehydrated and resembling a petrified log, I will summarize my weekend in great and interesting detail for you all to marvel.

Prepare to be amazed.

On Friday night, I took a yoga class. I went home feeling stretchy, I watched a bit of The Simple Life and then I probably went to bed. (It is difficult, in case any of you were wondering, living this jet setting lifestyle.)

I had to work for a few hours on Saturday. Gay. I hate this job.

Before I worked, however, I drove 70 minutes to skate/take a lesson from my coach. So, I was on the ice at 8:15. I am mentally ill. But it was a good lesson. We made some progress. I kicked some ass. It was nice.

Then there was the work thing. I sat here for a while and my brain melted.

I went to Mammy and Pappy’s house. Ate everything in sight while watching World Series of Pop Culture on VH1. Then there was a little swimming, a little lounging in the sunshine, and then off to dinner at the country club.

Thus dumping the plans I had with Colin.


Whatever. I am not heartbroken. Normally, we don’t go out until 10:00 pm anyway. How was I supposed to know he was planning for 8:00? His ego can take a bruise or two, as far as I am concerned.

My Sunday started out on the deck. I baked my skin for three glorious hours. Very intelligent, as I was due to run in the sun for two hours later in the day. But it was still nice. And I didn’t even get burned!

I went inside around noon. I baked a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (my faaaaavorite) and then fixed tacos for lunch.

Next was soccer, where I cooked my innards.

The rest of the day was spent attempting to recover.

Which is also the one thing I've done today.

Workplace productivity is overrated.


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