Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day on the lake

Know what I love?


My dad’s country club put on an awesome fireworks display last Thursday night, no doubt about it. But it was missing something. I didn’t even realize what it was until tonight.


The area I grew up in is known for its plethora of lakes. Everyone I went to high school either grew up on a lake or had at least five friends who did.

Lakes are a good home base for fireworks, I suppose, because the skies light up here on the Fourth like no place I have ever been.

Tonight I pulled Meg out of her bedroom and wrapped us each in a blanket. Our blankets. We padded down to the lake - our lake - in bare feet and sat on a bench overlooking the water. Directly to our north was the display that the conservation club across the lake puts on annually. To the west was another professional-grade fireworks show that we could see over the trees. At the east were more fireworks – amateur, I would guess, and illegal. In Michigan, all but the tamest fireworks are illegal; many drive to Indiana periodically to stock up.

I like that they are loud and beautiful.

Loud because they drown out my brain, which chatters its loudest in familiar places. At home. Beautiful because, when I can hear myself think again, my thoughts are happy. Optimistic. A change from the status quo.

It’s like hitting the reset button.

Which is incredibly necessary, at least once per year.


Plantation said...

Maybe you can go on a goal-scoring optimism streak. OK, it's day two. Go.

Anonymous said...

I love this post. :)

Anonymous said...


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