Friday, July 07, 2006

I'll try to be optimistic about this, too

My company's finances are tight in the summertime. It's the nature of the business. When the weather is warm, the money just doesn't flow in. It's expected.

I know that things are tight. Our controller, who we rarely heard of September through May, now calls almost daily to check the amount of money we deposited that day. Vendors who have never had a problem being paid before have mentioned that payments are past due. Way later than they've ever been.

And that is why I am concerned.

Today is payday and my checking account, which has always reflected my direct deposit at midnight on payday, hasn't been credited.

Neither has anyone else's.

And paychecks, sent overnight from corporate, haven't arrived.


Update 1:07 pm So our paychecks came at 10:00 this morning. I tore into mine, thinking that they might've cut us all checks instead of direct depositing because of the money crunch. Wrong. All I had was my pay stub. Hmmmm.

I call Corporate to point out the problem. They know. The payroll company screwed something up. "We're trying to track down our representative at the payroll company." Uh huh. Sure.

10 minutes later, the company controller calls. He tells me to take all of the checks that were overnighted to me and shred them.

"On second thought, he said, don't shred them. Just lock them in your desk."

I am told that paychecks will come in the afternoon. Everyone, including those who are enrolled in direct deposit, will get a hard check.

Tell me that isn't sketchy.

I'd bet the paycheck that is supposedly coming that this has nothing to do with the payroll company and everything to do with a lack of funds.

Update 4:13 pm Just picked up our paychecks. Here's to hoping that the deposit process goes smoothly.


What a day.


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