Monday, July 24, 2006

I am like an abused little puppy dog

What really impresses me is that, two weeks after Carrie pulled a sure thing out from under me and one week after she rubbed salt in my wound, I'm sitting here making her CDs.

I'm going to send them with the president of our dysfunctional company when he's at my building on Thursday.

I cannot quite determine why I'm doing this.

Part of me thinks that it's sort of a peace offering. "I can't bring myself to email you back and pretend like I don't think you're a heartless skank, but here are some CDs!"

Part of me thinks that it's a fun way to fuck with her head. "I will refuse all communication with you, but I will send you gifts. What do I really think of you? You'll never know. Please, honey, let that drive you crazy indefinitely."

I'm not sure what it means, so there is no possible way she can.

In the end, I guess am just fucking with her head.

My favorite thing to do at work.

I win.


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