Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hope. And.

I haven’t heard from the man I interviewed with last Friday. He told me that he would probably call me on Wednesday or Thursday and, well, Friday is rapidly approaching. I’m nervous. Anxious. Either way, I would just like to know.

I want to get the ball rolling.

I need to leave my job.

There have been a memorable handful of events that have made me realize that I need a new job. And, in my week of rage following however I was wronged, I looked for a job. But I never really looked.

It’s different this time. I’m organized. Binder. Lists. Bookmarks. Schedules. Expectations.

My lease is up at the end of August.

Maybe it’s a little much, hoping that I’ll know where I’m going by then. But I’m still going to do it. I’m going to let myself hope.

And try to keep myself really, really organized.

And throw Lucy a wedding shower (next weekend!).
And play soccer (every Sunday).
And watch a lot of Grey’s Anatomy (just started mostly addicted).
And go to the gym (I can’t not).
And spend a lot of time with my sister (she’s spending next week at my apartment).
And maybe go on that date (I called him yesterday – we’re shooting for sometime next week).

And keep up hope (reminder to self: it’s going to be okay).


Plantation said...

Fingers still crossed. Call-backs don't usually happen when they're supposed to so don't look at it as a bad sign if they don't call. And, the date sounds fun. I know you're gonna have a nice time.

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