Sunday, July 02, 2006

Exhausting, right?

Thursday night I went with my family and my little cousins Max and Paige to my dad’s new country club for their annual Fireworks/Barbeque/Only Day All Year You Can Wear Jeans Night.

Meg likes the fireworks that are sparkly and make the satisfying sizzle noise.

Paige likes the ones that trail down slowly. The ones that give you a chance if you happen to sneeze at the wrong second.

Max likes the big and high ones.

...which may be all of them. I am not sure.

I didn’t get back to my apartment until midnight. I wasn’t asleep until 12:30. I really hated the world at 5:20 am when my alarm clock went off. But that’s okay. Exhaustion can be very worth it.

I drove back to Mom and Dad’s house on Friday night. Mom had scheduled an appointment for us at Dream Dinners, one of those nifty meal assembly places, to make 12 meals of yummy and healthy goodness. Mom had gone once before, really liked the meals that she made, and realized that she could significantly cut down the prep time if she brought me and Meg, too.

Aunt Marie was supposed to go, too, but she had surgery on her bad ankle on Friday morning (please, everyone, pray for no infection this time) and was still in the hospital. So, we brought Grandma the Troll along with us. It took us an hour and a half to make all 24 meals, all sealed up and marked with cooking labels and ready to go in the freezer at home, which is quite amazing. Plus, its surprisingly reasonably priced, the meat is of a really high quality and the meals that I’ve had (from Mom’s first try at it) I certainly approve of. It’s a good thing. ...especially for my Aunt Marie.

Yesterday was Meg’s birthday party.

I got up early for breakfast with Lucy, the very harried last-minute bride who is reaching the period of peak demand of her job. Unfortunately, she’ll be busy at work all summer. Will I ever get a bridesmaid dress? I doubt it.

Upon returning home, it was a few chores for the party before gluing my ass to the couch for the England v. Portugal World Cup match. Was cheering for England, mostly on account of my future husband, David Beckham, but I had picked Portugal to win in my office pool – so the result didn’t really matter to me one way or another. Fascinating game to watch, though. Thought I was going to have a heart attack during the penalty kicks.

The party was wild and festive, just like it is every year. My dad’s entire family. My mom’s entire family (minus my Aunt Louise’s family, in Chicago, and my psycho Uncle Alan and his new wife, who were there visiting her). Lots of food. Lots of swimming. A dance party on the deck. Fireworks. Three cakes. Typical Meg. She loves celebrating her birthday. Did get to see the majority of the Brazil v. France game, too. Love Zinedine Zidane as well as a good upset, so I was happy for Les Bleus.

He missed most of the party, but Colin came over for fireworks and socializing. Glorious. My family fucking loves him. (Although, I think it kills my dad that he doesn’t drink Canadian beer – which is all Dad will drink). It’s always very comfortable. I couldn’t appreciate that enough.

Today, we’re celebrating Meg’s birthday by going to the new Ikea store that’s just opened in Detroit. Will buy super-cute favors for Lucy’s wedding shower. Must restrain myself from buying anything big for my apartment as, if all turns out how I wish, I will be leasing a new apartment due to my new job in the very near future. ...let us all cross our fingers and pray.

Happy birthday, Meggie!


Bill Robertson said...

Consider my fingers crossed, and you are always in my prayers (along with Heather Armstrong, the only other blog I read).

Unknown said...

What kind of meals did you guys make? I've been so curious how those things tasted!! My fingers are crossed too :)

A said...


(Would it be bad to say that I don't remember?!)

Totally had to find the menu for this one.

Here’s what we made:
Arroz con pollo
Chicken breasts with honey, garlic and orange
Chicken Provencal
Dijon and black pepper flank steak
Dill marinated shrimp
Garlic pork roast adobo
Mango glazed Indian salmon
Maple thyme grilled pork chops w/bountiful baked beans
Rosemary chicken with penne
Steaks w/roasted red peppers and herb butter
Sweet and sour chicken
Tex Mex BBQ pork wraps

There was also camp side beef chili and peach crisp that Mom didn’t pick to make.

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